EM Space Creative 30 Maplewood Drive
Timberlea, NS B3T1G1
Dynamite Trail Association
April 4, 2023
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May 6, 2023
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  1. Task

    Site Hosting and Management

    – Domain Name registration.
    – Setup of hosting account including:
    – Website files.
    – Databases.
    – SSL Certificate.
    – setup/support for up to 5 email accounts.

    – Website maintenance and support including:

    1) WordPress CMS (Content Management System) updates and plugin updates.
    2) Routine site health checks – navigating site to make sure links, images plugins are working.
    3) Weekly website file backups (stored remotely).
    4) Weekly database backups (stored remotely).
    5) Daily website virus/Malware scans.
    6) Site security setup and maintenance using Wordfence.
    7) 2 Factor security for user login
    8) Installation and setup of a Litespeed caching plugin to optimize site speed.
    9) Troubleshooting; fixing any issues that may arise.
    10) Google Analytics setup and installation – basic monthly traffic reports (detailed reports upon request)
    11) Facilitating Google Drive cloud storage with access through client site

    – Website content updates:
    1) Updates/additions to text, images, news posts, documents as required by client. Typically content updates are completed within 24 hours during weekday office hours.
    2) Creation of a BlueMail or Mailchimp account to send mass emails. Includes creation of branded email template, maintenance of email list and sending of emails as requested.

    – Minor development
    1) Any minor additional features/functionality as needed.

Subtotal $1,440.00
Total $1,440.00


Thank you; I really appreciate your business.


This estimate is based on the tasks/services (including a concept file if detailed) above.
Any work other than that which is listed above (or included if a concept is provided) requested by the Client (you) after this estimate is approved and development begins will render this estimate void. At that point a new estimate will be provided or an agreement made between the Service Provider (emSpace Creative) and the Client (you) regarding continued development.

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