Listening is the First Step

I’ve been asked “… So what’s the process of getting logo or website done?”
Well I thought I’d give a brief walkthrough of the steps I take to complete a project.

Listening is the First Step

I like to get to know my clients, their business and industry as best I can so I can create the best most accurate possible visual communication. This starts by meeting with the client, and understanding what they want, what they expect and how I can help them achieve the goal of the project.


I like to research the client, their industry and what their competitors are doing and saying. This is a great brainstorming process and helps generate ideas and build a vision for the project.

Go Do Something Else

Strange as it may seem this is one of the most productive phases in my process. Mundane tasks like taking a walk, going for a bike ride, or even loading the dishwasher allow me to think about a project without the pressure of being at my desk and feeling the need to actively work. I am free to think things over organize my thoughts and the next time I sit down to work I often have a clear direction to move toward.


In the concept phase, I take any notes I’ve written and sketch out a concept on paper. Sketching helps get my thoughts on paper and give a better perspective on spacing and layout.
In the case of a website I refine this sketch into a Photoshop mockup of what the finished site will look like.


This is where the final file or website gets built.
It might seem as though it’s taken a while to get here, but many of the phases up until now can be pretty quick and a few overlap such as the research, doing something else and concept phases. Additionally having pre-planned, thought things out and built a concept – I have a plan, I just need to execute it.

Presentation and Conclusion

Now I present the final job to the client and we go through final proofing, edits etc. then it’s off to the printer or the web.

So that is a very brief explanation of how I work. It may seem like quite a process but it generally goes by very quickly.
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